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Date : February 11-13, 2002
Present : Lauri Ouvinen, Matti Ouvinen and Ville Tikkaoja
Photos : 64

We decided to start our 2002 racing season by attending a three day F1 pre-season test session held in Barcelona at the Circuit de Catalunya. Compared to last year's pre-season testing, we also decided to see the action a little closer this year, which obviously was going to be good for the photos.

The test wasn't a very big one as only four teams - Jordan, Renault, Arrows and Minardi - were present. Before the tests the word was that Ferrari would also be there. However, as we arrived to the circuit on Monday it was clear that they hadn't come. Their trucks were not at the paddock as everyone elses' were and later we were told they won't come at all. It was a pity, because none of the top teams were present. However, a test session is a test session and it was fine with those four teams. In the following is a little recap of the happenings of those three days.

Monday Feb 11th:

In the morning there was a lot of fog gathered to the inlands and also to the track area. This ment the tests were not able to start on time at 9:00. However, there was time up to 5:30 pm so a little delay maybe wasn't that big a deal. Jordan, Renault and Minardi got their cars out right in the morning with Arrows joining them on the track later on the day. On this first day the teams were doing just short runs.

On Monday Jordan was running with Takuma Sato and test driver Marcel Lassee. Jarno Trulli was driving for Renault and Enrique Bernoldi for Arrows who only had one car at their disposal. Minardi ran Alex Yoong, who complained about brake problems. Mark Webber also got out in his Minardi right at the end of the session and drove only one untimed lap.

The first day saw Jarno Trulli setting the quickest time of 1:19.493 despite his car stopped on the track near the end of the session. He left the second quickest Arrows of Bernoldi 1.6 seconds behind.

Tuesday Feb 12th:

Tuesday began as did Monday - another misty morning. The fog cleared a bit earlier though and testing was soon on the go. There were some driver changes as Giancarlo Fisichella joined Takuma Sato at Jordan and Fernando Alonso got behind the wheel of Renault alongside Jarno Trulli.

During the day the teams continued doing quite short runs and did some practise starts. Jordan was also parctising pit stops. In the afternoon there were quite a lot of long breaks when nobody was on the track.

Jarno Trulli picked up the pieces from where he left the day before and again set the quickest time (1:17.763) of the day. Actually he led the timesheets the whole day. Enrique Bernoldi was again second fastest albeit two seconds behind, but still showing the potential of the new Arrows after comfortably outpacing both Jordans. To end the Tuesday's session, Bernoldi spun his Arrows A23 to the gravel trap in the exit of the last corner. Fernando Alonso only did some outlaps and didn't set a proper time.

Wednesday Feb 13th:

The final day again saw some driver changes. Renault now only ran Jenson Button and Arrows got their new driver Heinz-Harald Frentzen behind the wheel.

During this third day the teams were doing longer runs. For example Giancarlo Fisichella did some Bridgestone tyre testing. Also there were a lot of practise starts and pit stop testing. For Jordan the pit stops didn't go quite as planned though. Takuma Sato was scheduled to do a pit stop in the end of his 25 lap stint on Bridgestone rubber, but just before it was time to enter the pits, his car stopped on the track. On the next occasion when it was Fisichella's turn to do the pit stop, everything was ready except for one of the refuelling guys who didn't show up in time when Fisichella entered the pits. So Jordan still have some practise to do.

Renault was again quickest this time in the hands of Jenson Button, who managed a 1:17.687. Maybe indicating that Renault should not be underestimated this year? Also Arrows continued its good form when Frentzen set the second quickest time just under a second slower than Button and again ahead of both Jordans.

About the photos:

Despite the morning fog the weather was just fine during these three days. The sun shined from the clear skies all the time and temperature was around 20 degrees. So it was a nice weather for photographs. The photos have been taken all around the Circuit de Catalunya and from the pit lane. Because we shot nearly 900 photos, we again had to do lot of choosing and we hope to have selected the best photos for this gallery.

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