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Date : June 7, 1998
Present : Ville Tikkaoja
Photos : 3

I decided to attend the Helsinki Drag Race Festival, even though I'm not a big fan of drag racing. However, I wanted to go to at least one motor racing event as I wasn't able to go to any bigger events this year.

As I live in Helsinki myself, the event was very near. The race was held in Helsinki Malmi airfield and was just a part of Finnish championship. Unfortunately the event lacked some drivers from bigger classes and therefore wasn't so exiting than it could have been. Unforunate was also that the beginning of this year's summer here in Finland was unusual cold. Even though I had a lots of clothes it was freezing, because there was quite strong wind usual to airfields. The sun shined almost the whole first day, but just didn't feel that. Still, my and many other's faces were half burnt by the sun.

The grandstands were very near to the drag strip as usual and it was easy to take good photos. However, because there was a lack of drivers I decided not to waste my film and that's why there's only a couple of photos. I was using Fuji SuperG+ 200 speed film.

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