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Barcelona F1 testing
[18 Jan 2005]
Formula 1 testing began today at the Circuit de Catalunya at Barcelona. There had been some doubts about the tests after BAR's launch from the weekend when it was discovered the newly laid asphalt was very slippery and dusty. Some teams such as BAR, Sauber and Renault decided to move to Valencia insted. However, Ferrari, Williams, Toyota and Red Bull started today at Barcelona. The track conditions improved through out the day. Michael Schumacher also got back behind the wheel and clocked the fastest time with a 1:15.461. He drove 2004 spec car.

Racing Images will follow the testing at Barcelona this week here on our site. Our photographers will be at the track on Thursday and Friday. Expect photos soon after that.

Today's times:

1. M. Schumacher  Ferrari           (B)  1:15.461   86 laps
2. Webber         Williams-BMW      (M)  1:17.137   86 laps
3. Pizzonia       Williams-BMW      (M)  1:17.357   75 laps
4. Trulli         Toyota            (M)  1:18.392   47 laps
5. Coulthard      Red Bull-Cosworth (M)  1:18.449   56 laps
6. Liuzzi         Red Bull-Cosworth (M)  1:19.544   52 laps
7. R. Schumacher  Toyota            (M)  1:19.961   44 laps

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