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Date : May 4-5, 2002
Present : Ville Tikkaoja
Photos : 78

The Finnish Sport 2000 Tour for Sport 2000 touring cars, Formula 3 and Formula Ford national championships got underway with the first race held at Ahvenisto circuit in Hämeenlinna. The weather played a big part during the weekend as the rain arrived just in time for the weekend despite it being sunny both before and after the weekend. What a timing one must say. So weatherwise it really wasn't the prettiest start for the tour. Fortunately, though, it didn't rain on Saturday, although the track was more or less damp the whole day as it had rained in the morning. During Sunday it kept raining almost the whole time.

The practises and qualifications and also the first races for Formula 3 and Formula Ford were ran on Saturday. Reigning champion Olli Haapalainen took pole in the final Sport 2000 pole competition. In Formula 3 Henri Niskanen took pole and in the race comfortably led all the way to the finish. Jaakko Ruotsalainen and Jussi Pinomäki also finished on the podium. It was showed that the pole was what you needed as in Formula Fords Arto Taimi also led the whole race and took the victory. The feature race for the Legends cars went for Jonas Ahola.

The Sunday was the actual race day as both of the two starts for Sport 2000 were happening. Unfortunately it was now raining so all of the day's starts were full wet races. In the first 10 lap sprint race for Sport 2000 Olli Haapalainen completely dominated the start and drove his VW Golf GTi to comfortably victory. However, he now had to start from the 10th place on the grid for the second race as the first 10 from the first race were reversed for the second start. Pasi Lähteenmäki was equally dominant for the second place in a new Honda Civic Type R. The second race wasn't to be a good one for Haapalainen. He got a stop&go penalty for a jump start and dropped back, but managed to climb to the 7th place, however. The second race was dominated by last year's Formula Ford champion Mikko Heino until two laps from the end when he had to retire because of a suspension failure. This handed the victory to Toni-Tapio Vuorinen who had a big climb having started from the 11th place. Pasi Lähteenmäki again finished second as Martti Simonen rounded up the podium.

The second race in Formula 3 went for Jaakko Ruotsalainen and reigning champion Jari Koivisto and Jussi Pinomäki were second and third. In Formula Fords Miikka Honkanen was victorious and Mats Asplund in the Legends.

The following 78 photos have been taken during both days of the weekend. Unfortunately the weather didn't gave the photographer the best of conditions, but hopefully you'll like the shots.

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